Census pages and Manifests for people who are not in my genealogy

My version of Netscape brings up the pages zoomed in. My version of IE brings up the pages zoomed out, but there's an icon in the lower right corner of the image that zooms in. Those pages that are pdf are easier to manipulate. All new additions are pdf. If you interested in a page that is not pdf and you would like me to convert it, let me know.

If you want to print a page and it is not pdf, you will get the best results if you download the page to your computer and bring it into an application like Word. Or - send me an email and I'll convert it to pdf.

Marshall Glick's Relatives Jacky Henderson's Great-grandmother David Teich's Grandmother Irene Gelman's Mother Brad Margolin's Father Milt Lebenbom's Father Michelle's parents Joey Palmieri's parents Alan Feige's relatives Debi Chesler's Relatives Jean Katz's Relatives Micky Hagler's Relatives Susan Raccoli's Relatives Arlene Krausz's Relatives Bob Gottlieb's Relatives Kari and Kirk Satterfield's Relatives Sue Schuster's Relatives Joy Picus's Relatives Rita Maphis's Relatives and friends Joe Lecce's Relatives Catherine Hayes' Relatives Kathleen Holland's Relatives Cal Alumni Bridge

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